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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Non-Disclosure Agreement: In order to provide the mentioned services to our esteemed customers, we need certain information from them to ensure the smooth flow of communication. Regardless, of all the information that we received or provide to our valued clients, we are strong believer of developing high level of trust and maintaining secrecy of our clients. In any circumstances, we do not violate or share the information of our customers with any and we make sure that it is not misused.

We obtain the following information from all of our clients to ensure smooth working: Our accounts department never allow to get the credit card information over the phone. We always provide the secured online link (Invoices) through verified accounts so clients can make their payments by themselves. In another option client’s credit card information is always obtained in certified Authorize Secure Page.

We acquire the complete Bid Package (Drawings, Specification, RFIs, Bid Forms) from our customers to begin working on a particular project but none of these are shared with any party. All of these materials are considered a liability on the company and we do not provide any information to our contractors or material suppliers.

After hiding the address and details of our customers, we only use screen shots of the project. In some prior cases, we might need access to the login credentials of our clients to download the bid Package, but we make sure that these are never misused.

If an Organization generates a Request for proposal (RFP) to our Clients, we safeguard the chain of command and never contact that organization, thus ensuring that our customer is not bypassed. If ever, we needed to contact the Organization for Bid package or Request for Information (RFIs), we ensure that it is done only after taking the written approval of our client.

In order to ensure the complete confidentiality our clients can freely send us with their NDA forms (Non- Disclosure Agreement) and our Executive Management will provide them with the Signed Agreement before sharing the information.