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Claiming something by playing with the words is easy but the joyous part comes after delivering the promised thing.

We just not only claim to consider our customers prestigious but in an attempt to provide superlative service to our clients, we have started the Weekend service. If you are late on a deadline and do not want to waste your weekend, we can have it done for you. To outperform our competitors and provide the best suitable service to our customers, we are even willing to work on weekends. If you are short of time and realize that a particular construction take-off needs to be done over the weekend and presented on Monday, we have got your back covered, as we are willing to work day and night for you over the weekend too!

We provide the following services:

  1. Construction estimation.
  2. Takeoff Quantity: which tells us how much quantity of each item is required.

After we have identified the quantity, we then quote prices for each item and the product of both of these represents the total cost estimation of the project.

Method of working for new clients

Our working process is based on the following simple steps:

  1. We would require blueprints and construction plans from our customers.
  2. After the receiving of these, we would identify the quantity takeoff and construction estimation.
  3. Both of these calculations would then be shared with our clients via email along with the proposal of performing these tasks.
  4. If the customer is interested, we will initiate the working after the following is signed and sent back to us:a. Signed invoice. Signed contract. 50% down payment of the proposed cost, mentioned on the invoice.
  5. After the confirmation of payment from our bank/PayPal Account, the files would be emailed to our clients on the next working day.

Note: it usually takes 3-4 working days to complete the cost estimation of a particular project

but once again it is highly dependent over the scope of work, thus we encourage our customers to provide us the complete bid package including drawings, specifications, Addenda etc.