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As a busy contractor, managing bids while supervising projects can be challenging. High costs of an in-house team might also be a concern. Us-Takeoff, our cost estimation service, can help. We provide comprehensive takeoff services and detailed estimates, freeing up your time and resources. Our professional quantity takeoff services handle all your estimation needs, streamlining your processes, reducing costs, and enabling confident bidding

Are you a busy contractor?


General Contractor

We understand that as a general contractor, you shoulder significant responsibility for the overall construction project. Our service aids you in achieving a precise understanding of project costs and material requirements right from the start. This supports your bid preparation, helps manage subcontractors, and controls the budget efficiently throughout the project.


As an architect, you transform creative ideas into functional design plans. We serve as your partners in this creative journey by providing accurate cost estimations and material takeoffs. This allows you to maintain the integrity of your designs while ensuring they are financially feasible and well-optimized from a resources perspective.


For developers, we recognize the critical importance of cost certainty in maintaining profitability across your portfolio. Our services provide detailed cost estimations and material takeoffs, helping you assess the financial feasibility of projects, manage your investment risks, and maintain a successful balance between quality and cost.


As a builder, every detail counts. Our service offers precise cost estimations and material takeoff that ensure you have an accurate account of all the resources required for your projects. This allows you to plan efficiently, avoid costly overruns, and deliver on time while maintaining high quality in your workmanship.


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Construction Cost Estimation

Harnessing our skills as a proficient construction cost estimator, we deliver precise estimates for diverse projects, including commercial, residential, industrial, and civil construction. Our meticulous analysis of project scope, timeframe, cost, and quantity assures an accurate prediction of your construction expenses.


Material Takeoff Services

Our dedicated team of specialists is renowned for delivering comprehensive material takeoff services. They ensure a thorough material labor takeoff encompassing pricing and man hours, shielding your project from the risk of inaccurate material quantities. Trust our expertise to enhance your project's cost-effectiveness and efficiency.




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Get every single answers here.

Our fees depend upon the size and complexity of your project, we will let you know how much estimation will cost you before we actually start executing it.

We work with basic Construction Drawings or even sketches and providing additional details can help us more.

If you find any error in the quantity takeoffs you can claim for the complete refund.


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