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Top-Quality Painting Estimating Services by Us-Takeoff

In the challenging field of commercial painting, flooring, and roofing, high-quality painting estimating services play a crucial role in project success. Us-Takeoff offers an unparalleled solution in this area. With our rich experience in construction estimating services, we provide superior painting estimating services to an extensive range of business types and commercial structures. We deliver precise painting cost services, flooring takeoff, and roofing takeoff, each tailored to suit unique project needs.

Exceptionally accurate construction estimates and quantity takeoffs.

Over 92% bid-winning ratio with our estimates.

Significant cost savings up to 60% with our monthly takeoff packages compared to a full-time estimator.

Multicolor Interior Finishing Textured Finishing
 Fire Retardant Coating Elastomeric Coatings
 Painting, Stucco, and Masonry Coatings Mold Retarding Coating
 Architectural and Textured Elastomeric Coatings Intumescent, Wood finishes, and Anti-graffiti Coatings
 Non-sacrificial and sacrificial Shop Applied Coatings Protective Coating Systems
 Epoxy Wall and Zinc/epoxy/urethane Systems Environmentally Friendly Coatings
 Painting Floor Sealing and Faux Finishing Gilding

Our Painting Estimating Process: Ensuring Accuracy and Transparency

Us-Takeoff is committed to providing clients with detailed and accurate painting estimates for their projects. Our painting cost estimator uses cutting-edge digital software like PlanSwift, Blue Beam, and Accubid to perform takeoffs and deliver estimates in Excel spreadsheets. For up-to-date pricing of all materials, labor, and equipment required for your project, we use RSMeans and construction cost databases.

We offer comprehensive Painting Estimating services for a wide variety of commercial buildings and business types.

Our spreadsheets detail quantities and specifications of paints and stains, systematically arranged by line item description and CSI cost codes. In addition to painting estimates, we offer Construction Estimating services to help streamline your bidding process, increasing the likelihood of winning more projects. With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, our team of expert estimators ensures accurate and timely estimates.

Every painting estimate service we provide includes a final review by senior estimators to confirm alignment with client requirements. We strive to deliver reliable and hassle-free painting estimating services, contributing to the success of your painting projects.

Our painting estimating services encompass a wide range of painting projects, including commercial, residential, and industrial. Our professional painting bid estimators use PlanSwift software for the estimation process, ensuring speed and accuracy. We specialize in different types of painting works such as paints, stains, transparent finishing, and more.

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