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Grounded in the sectors of construction cost estimating and consulting

We provide tailored services for the real estate development and construction industries. Our customized cost estimating solutions are honed to such precision that they negate the need for other options, thus solidifying our trustworthiness. Us-Takeoff has etched a prominent niche in the marketplace through its accurate construction cost assessments and trustworthy takeoffs. Our work has sparked fruitful alliances with various architectural entities, contracting businesses, and development corporations throughout the United States.


Us-Takeoff sets itself apart with its swift, economical, and superior-quality construction cost estimating and takeoff services, positioning us as the preferred choice for many. Whether your requirements include thorough construction cost appraisals, detailed takeoffs, or the proficiency of an independent estimator, BNB Cost Estimating stands ready to help. Please feel at ease to contact us at +(323) 2180031.


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Construction Cost Estimation

Harnessing our skills as a proficient construction cost estimator, we deliver precise estimates for diverse projects, including commercial, residential, industrial, and civil construction. Our meticulous analysis of project scope, timeframe, cost, and quantity assures an accurate prediction of your construction expenses.


Material Takeoff Services

Our dedicated team of specialists is renowned for delivering comprehensive material takeoff services. They ensure a thorough material labor takeoff encompassing pricing and man hours, shielding your project from the risk of inaccurate material quantities. Trust our expertise to enhance your project's cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

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Send your plans with the scope of work and other details at [email protected] or you can just upload them here.

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You will then receive a detailed quote for our construction estimating services along with some sample projects related to your scope of work.

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Our team of experts will do their work and you’ll receive a PDF and an Excel file of your estimate.


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